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Drama Bersiri - Over sangat lahhh

Antara drama bersiri yang paling best....drama Korea, Winter Sonata. Ya, cerita lama tu.
"Kenapa? Drama sekarang tak de yang best ke?"
Hmmm....tak tau la ada yang lagi best ke tidak; sebab dah lama tak tengok drama bersiri sampai habis. Asal tengok dua tiga episod drama bersiri Melayu, mesti ada watak-watak sakit mental hasad dengki yang OVER.....sangat-sangat OVER. Tak lalu ehhhh nak tonton.......

Dementia - Losing Memory

Dementia is a syndrome, describes as "one of the major causes of disability & dependency among order people wordwide"

It is a syndrome of deterioriting cognitive function that affects  memory, thinking, orientation, comprehension, calculation, learning capacity, language and judgement.

Safety tips:
♡ Do not leave a person who has advanced dementia alone at home
♡ Keep car keys out of sight; not safe for people with dementia to drive.
♡ Place alarms on all doors and windows that will sound if the doors are opened.
♡ Fence and close off any areas that may be dangerous such as stairs, or decks, or hot tubs, or swimming pool, or fish pond.
♡ Remove or reduce hazards for tripping or falling.
♡ Make sure kitchen is safe. Lock up sharp objects, medicines, cleaning products.

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