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...without warning, without reason...

One of the frightening things about cancer is its ability to creep up on its victim, seemingly without warning, seemingly without reason. 

Unlike heart disease, for which the victim's lifestyle can generally be tangibly seen to contribute to the illness, cancer sneaks up on even those who have seemingly led squeaky-clean lives. Its causes are multiple and complex; if not detected early, it is usually fatal. 

Even worse; there is as yet no cure for it.....

If we look around ourselves now, statistically, at least, one out of every 10 people, including possibly our very own selves, will die of cancer. In percentage, deaths owing to cancer has risen from 7.37 per cent in 1975 to 11.87 per cent in 2010. In Malaysia, this is the country's second killer after heart disease.

 It is heartening to know that the contruction and establishment of the National Cancer Institute (IKN) has begun and expected to be fully operational by Aug 31 this year. Physically, the 252-bed institute located adjacent to Putrajaya Hospital. 

- NST -

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